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    eznetscanteznetscant eznetscant eznetscant
    Display "Wi-Fi" network status and basic info true true true true
    Scan Connected devices of "Wi-Fi" networktruetrue true true
    Device Icon, Name and custom note changetruetrue true true
    Add Device in "Moniter/Watch" listtruetrue true true
    Set Device as "Favourite"truetrue true true
    Device Search Option (from Scanned Result)truetrue true true
    Delete Scanned Device (from scanned result)truetrue true true
    Filter by… (from scanned result)truetrue true true
    Sort by… (from scanned result)truetrue true true
    History: View scanned networks in offline modetruetrue true true
    Network Commands
    Pingtruetrue true true
    TCP Port Scantruetrue true true
    Traceroutetruetrue true true
    Wake On LANtruetrue true true
    DNS Lookuptruetrue true true
    WHO IS Domaintruetrue true true
    Command Parameter Configuration for
    - Ping
    - TCP Scan
    - Traceroute
    truetrue true true
    SNMP "Community name" configuration
    - Allow to set and save "Community name" for specific Device and Network
    truetrue true true
    SAMBA Protocol
    Access/View Shared Files of Network PC (Windows, MAC, Linux)truetrue true true
    Operations on File:
    1. Download file from Network PC to your Device
    2. Delete File
    3. Rename File
    truetrue true true
    Widget Features
    Start/Stop scanning process from widget itselftruetrue    
    NIC Vendor Pie Charttruetrue true true
    Device OS Pie Charttruetrue true true
    Domain Name Pie Charttruetrue true true
    Export Graph Data in PDF Format true true true true
    Common credential configuration for SNMP access on all network devicestruetrue true true
    Hardware & Storage Info truetrue true true
    Software Infotruetrue true true
    Running Process Infotruetrue true true
    Running Services Infotruetrue true true
    Export Scanned Data
    In CSV formattruetrue true true
    In Plain Text format true true true true
    History (Scanned Result)
    Display scanned network data as Historytruetrue true true
    Allow user to shared scanned datatruetrue true true
    Allow user to delete scanned datatruetrue true true
    $ 1.99
    $ 1.99